Take Control of Your Marquette-Adams Account with SmartHub

SmartHub, Marquette-Adams’ new innovative tool for account management, can help you take control of your Marquette-Adams account like never before.

SmartHub has several features that make managing your account as easy as possible. Whether through the web, or your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), you’ll be able to pay your bill, view your bill history, set up automatic payments, and much more.

As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to view your billing history and make a payment with just a couple of clicks…or taps, if you’re using the app! You’ll be able to see your current bill, along with bills from the previous month or even the previous summer, if you want to compare costs. Not only will you see your billing history, but you’ll be able to view your actual long distance usage. You can see how your usage is trending over time, which will allow you to take steps to reduce your consumption if necessary, and lower your bill.

Making payments through SmartHub is fast and easy. The first time you make a payment either through the Web or through your mobile device, you’ll be able to securely store your payment information for future transactions. The next time you need to pay your bill, it will only take a couple of clicks.

You’ll also be able to manage your account notifications with SmartHub. By logging in to SmartHub on the Web, you’ll be able to select how you want to be notified about your bill, including email and text messaging.

Access to SmartHub will be available to use as early as May 16th, by visiting MarquetteAdams.com or by downloading the app on your mobile device through the Apple App Store (iPhone or iPad) or Google Play Marketplace (Android phone or tablet).

Below are some links to SmartHub setup tutorials for both Android and Apple devices: