Scholarship Opportunities

Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative, Inc. Scholarship

Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative, Inc. provides scholarship opportunities to high school or home schooled seniors, as well as current attendees, planning to attend a college university, technical school or trade school. To be eligible for a scholarship, the student and/or student’s parents, foster parents or legal guardians must be a permanent resident of the Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative’s serving area and have local telephone service with the Cooperative or be a long distance customer with the Cooperative or have Internet service with the Cooperative. See application for details.

View details here. The deadline for this Scholarship is March 1, 2022.


Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), in cooperation with NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, seeks to sustain and enhance the quality of life in America by advancing an understanding of rural issues. Through its various programs and initiatives, FRS strongly supports the continuing education of rural youth. Details about applying for this scholarship can be found on the application.

View details here. The deadline for this scholarship is February 25, 2022.


Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation, Inc. Scholarship

No force is stronger than education in helping an individual to reach his or her potential. In light of the overwhelming evidence for the need and merit of privately supported scholarships, the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association established the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Foundation, Inc. in April 1965. The purpose of the Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, is to promote educational and scientific advancement by helping individuals obtain instructions or training to improve and develop their capabilities. Details pertaining to this application can be found on the application.

View details here. The 2022 WSTF Scholarship deadline is February 11, 2022.