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October is                      Co-op MonthMarquette-Adams Delivers Internet Services at the Speed of LightGoal ReachedTake Control with SmartHubBundle Your Services and SAVE

October is Co-op Month

Co-op Month is a time for us to show our appreciation to our many members. Click below to find out more about the special offers and events we have in store for you this month!


Marquette-Adams Delivers Internet Services at the Speed of Light

All of our services are delivered on fiber, which is why no one can offer faster Internet speeds than we can!


Goal Reached

Following a nine year major construction effort, Marquette-Adams is now officially operating on a 100% Fiber-to-the-premise network!

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Take Control with SmartHub

SmartHub, Marquette-Adams’ new innovative tool for account management, can help you take control of your Marquette-Adams account like never before.

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Bundle Your Services and SAVE

Just imagine your Internet, phone, and telephone on one bill, at one low price. It's not just convenient, it's SMART!